Check out the benefits of using Pre Terminated Fibre

There are 6 main factors driving installers and end users to use a pre-terminated solution as opposed to terminating on-site: –

  1. 1.     It’s the best way to terminate a fibre
    1. a.     the method of terminating (adding connectors directly to the core fibre) mains that quality of the terminations is high and consistent and thus giving guaranteed performance.


  1. 2.     It’s the cheapest way to terminate a fibre
    1. a.     the cost of terminating in a factory is less than on-site. This is due to speed at which multiple terminations can be done and also because the termination technique (hot cure oven) is the cheapest form of termination. This cost comparison doesn’t include other costs incurred by an installer of fibre such as capital expenditure on equipment and training of staff.


  1. 3.     It’s the only way to produce high volumes in short timescale
    1. a.     high volumes can be terminated on-site but space and set up times often restrict operations. Not to mention the cost of labour on-site to complete large projects escalates when overnight accommodation and travel costs start to be included.


  1. 4.     Access to site
    1. a.     time on-site is dramatically reduced. Although using pre-terminated fibre is not a “plug and play” solution when using traditional fibre links, the work on site is simplified to pulling, cleaning, inspecting and testing.


  1. 5.     Lead times
    1. a.     with products being delivered in 3 – 5 days it is quicker to order a completed fibre link than order the component parts from a distributor and then wait on-site for the delivery and then terminate


  1. 6.     Access to the skills and equipment
    1. a.     with the downsizing of many installation companies and the competition for new work, often installers do not have the in-house capacity to complete a project once it has been won.




Comparing the Installation Cost between

Pre-terminated fibre and On-site terminations

Example comparison: Installing 3 x 24 fibre LC-LC Tight Buffered OM3

30m link from rear of patch panel 1 to rear patch panel 2

100% On-Site terminations Product Costs from a distributor:

Method 1: Using epoxy and polish

  1. 105m fibre (35m per link) = £210
  2. LC simplex connectors x 144 = £0.80 each
  3. Termination consumables = £20


TOTAL COST  £345.00

Labour Costs:

Terminating 144 connectors: -

  1. Stripping the cable
  2. Preparing the epoxy
  3. Applying the connector
  4. Scribe and polishing
  5. Inspecting (both visual and with a microscope)
  6. Testing


Estimated at:

2 men x 2 days @ £200 per day*

TOTAL COST = £800.00

Product and Labour







Product Costs:

Method 2: Splicing pigtails

  1. 105m fibre (35m per link) = £210
  2. LC simplex pigtails x 144 = £0.90 each
  3. Splice protectors x 144 = £18



TOTAL COST = £357.00

Labour Costs:

Splicing 144 pigtails: -

  1. 1.       Stripping the cable
  2. 2.       Splice pigtail
  3. 3.       Inspecting (both visual and with a microscope)
  4. 4.       Testing


Estimated at: –

2 men x 1 ½ days

TOTAL COST = £600.00

Product and Labour






100% Pre-terminated Product Costs:

  1. LC-LC 24 core OM3 @30m = £180 each


TOTAL COST = £540.00

Labour Costs:


  1. Inspecting (both visual and with a microscope)

2 men x ½ day

TOTAL COST = £200.00

Product and Labour




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