Monitor your network with PRTG 12

PRTG Network Monitor is the all-in monitoring software that assures the availability of network components, and measures traffic and usage with one single solution, suitable for networks of any size. PRTG offers you easy, fail-safe, and complete control over your network, proven in more than 150,000 installations worldwide. All of this comes in one license—no hidden costs, no add-ons, no extra efforts!

The latest version of PRTG supports among many other new features monitoring of NetApp SANs, monitoring of large networks with the 64bit version, comes with new application and hardware sensors and a new “Configuration Guru” that guides you through the initial setup, and has also been added a new AJAX web interface and mobile GUI in comparison to version 9. This all makes installing, setting up and monitoring with PRTG even easier than before.

This new version of PRTG also has some new features which might really help your business along. These include;

  •  improved geo maps functionality – in addition to Google Maps, geographical maps from other providers can now be integrated. With the new geo maps you can use an interactive zoom feature for greater flexibility, you can position markers manually and there is no longer a limit as to the number of markers on a map.


  • new visualizations for ‘toplists’ – this allows you to quickly understand the current traffic pattern in your network.


  • a host of new PRTG sensors - for example; application sensors VMware, WMI SharePoint Process Sensor, WMI IIS Application sensor, SNMP Cisco ASA VPN Monitoring, Fritz!Box Monitoring and SIP Options Ping.

 So if you need to monitor your network with the utmost of ease, maybe PRTG 12 is the right software for you.

For more information, or to order your new version of PRTG, please contact Point Systems.


Monitor your network with PRTG 12

Get complete control over your mobile devices

Every organisation, no matter how small, needs control over their mobile devices and the data which is sent to and from them.


According to a recent survey, over 70% of organisations still don’t control USB sticks, control data flow or manage mobiles/tablets. If your company uses mobile products such as;  iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, printers, DVD’s and of course laptops, then this Endpoint Protection solution will manage your mobile devices and the content that is transferred on and off them.

 As well as having complete protection over your mobile devices, this new, revolutionary software will also protect your network in a variety of other ways.

  • full data leakage prevention across mobile devices and applications such as email, IM and social networks. 
  • Data Shadowing – take a copy of all information that is sent to or from a mobile or removable device.
  • Locate and Control iOS and Android Devices with remote wipe, tracking and data control.
  • Scalable/upgradeable for Enterprise customers.
  • The only solution of its kind to work with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.


Point Systems can offer smaller organisations a fantastic FREE ‘Endpoint Protector’ software solution today by clicking on the link below. If your company has up to 10 PC’s/Mac’s/Linux machines and up to 5 iOS/Android Devices, you will qualify to install this revolutionary software solution to your network today!


For more information about this product or to install your free software please click here.

Mobile Device Management Solution

Need new Terminated Fibre Links?


Then look no further..


POINT Systems is now able to offer you 100% Pluggable Terminated Fibre Links.





Yes this little piece of kit is such a great idea. Its simple, fast, cost effective and high performing.



No terminations, No expensive equipment

Simple internal fibre management


48 fibres installed in about an 1 hour  (typical time to load patch panels)


Compared to on-site termination

Around 35% cheaper  (based on direct comparisons with traditional on-site terminated fibre networks)


Factory Consistent Lower Insertion Losses


This simple piece of kit has many benefits, a few being: instant installation – 100% pluggable, up to 65% reduced installation time over on-site Terminated fibre, and 3 to 5 day Lead Times.

And if you needed any more persuasion, it also comes with a 25 year product warranty.

Can we POINT you towards 100% pluggable terminated fibre links? If so, please call 01625 531851


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