The iBoardTouch – a new interactive solution for schools and businesses

Why the iBoardTouch?

For Education

The iBoardTouch is a low power, 1080p ,   6 point multi-touch anti-glare LED screen with the option to upgrade to an integrated all-in-one pc multi-touch LED screen. Energy efficient and considerably cheaper to purchase than traditional projector systems.


using the iboard

For Business

Using iBoardTouch within your business can help reduce operating and staff costs, create virtual meetings, video conference, collaborate on documents In real-time, present projects or simply use as an interactive board.


Main advantages of the iBoardTouch compared with a traditional projector/interactive board:


  • full HD resolution - a crisp, bright touchscreen which will not be hindered by sunlight. No more closing the blinds and turning the lights off! The best LED technology is used with the iBoardTouch providing a much clearer image with no pixel issues.
  • 4 point multi-touch technology - this board can be used by 4 people at once.
  • Eco friendly - almost 6 times more energy efficient than a traditional whiteboard setup. Hugely lower power consumption and a much greater product life cycle. A typical traditional projector system will cost a school/business over £400 per year in electricity costs alone whereas an iBoardTouch will cost approximately £80 a year.
  • Wireless - a built in wireless network adaptor will connect to wireless routers with flawless, reliable speed and performance.
  • unsurpassed life cycle - if you were to use the iBoardTouch 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 365 days a year it would run for 29 years!
  • low maintenance - can be easily upgraded by any PC engineer. no other maintenance needed.
  • durable - a screen hardness of MoHs Level 7. scratch and impact resistant. yes, you could throw a chair at this board and it would not scratch or dent the product.
  • Quick set up - just turn on and begin interacting and collaborating.
  • integrated speakers - front mounted speakers ensure a great sound and slim profile.
  • Windows 7 - Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64Bit enables improved desktop navigation. Start programs faster and more easily.
  • onsite warranty - 3 years onsite warranty which can be upgraded to 6 years.

iboard videa conf

This amazing piece of technology can be purchased in different sizes, depending on where it is to be used.  It can also be mounted in several ways; on the wall, on a height adjustable stand or on a motorised stand which enables the user to change the height and will also move the iBoard to a horizontal position.


There are two versions of the iBoardTouch. The iBoardTouch Lite can be used alongside existing PC’s wirelessly whereas the iBoardTouch Pro pack comes with an integrated PC touchscreen with a software pack and upgraded accessories.



height adjustable bracketmotorised stand