POINT systems announces new Satellite Broadband technology

At POINT systems we provide advice on a wide range of technologies.

One area where we have considerable experience is Satellite Broadband.

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We currently work with three different manufacturers and advise customers on the most appropriate solution for their particular application.

Satellite Broadband offers an effective way of connecting to the internet from "any" location. While 3G is cheaper it is still not widely available and bandwidth cannot be guaranteed. Static satellite broadband can be used to provide backup on critical links.

Mobile satellite broadband can be fitted to a vehicle for internet connectivity "on the move". Typical applications include Mobile Libraries / Mobile Offices / Command and Control etc

For the last six months we have been working with a new product: Crystop / Astra This solution offers customers an option which is:

Easy to useTouch of a button!
Fast to deployTypically 2 – 3 minutes
ReliableGerman manufactured
Cost effectiveLess than half the cost of other systems
satalite van

We have also introduced a new "Mobile Office" facility. This will enable us to demonstrate the Crystop solution to customers - see photographs.

We have already started taking orders for this new system - see photograph of new Mobile Library installation at Aberdeenshire Council.

We have compiled two short video demonstrations of the system for you to see -

System deploymentData / Video / Voice Applications

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