Email Archiving


Protect Data. Simplify Management. Reduce Costs.

With the explosion in email volume and increasingly strict regulations for e-discovery requests, email archiving is a critical security requirement for organisations of all sizes.

Webroot Email Archiving Service is a complete and affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed to seamlessly meet and exceed your email archiving needs.

This fully managed, web-based service provides the advanced benefits of e-discovery and mailbox management solutions´┐Żwithout the significant financial costs and internal IT resources of an on-premise system.

Email Archiving

How it Works

  • Email messages are captured by your email server once they are sent and received.
  • Messages are journaled and securely transmitted to the Webroot Email Archiving Service using either TLS or SSL encryption, depending on customer requirements.
  • Emails are captured real time by Webroot and immediately encrypted and replicated across geographically dispersed data centres.
  • Users are able to access the archive and locate specific messages directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Administrators and delegated authorities are provided with advanced search capabilities providing fast email retrieval and expedited e-discovery.

Email Archiving

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